Friday, September 30, 2011

Home Alone...

Lately, I've been huddled up at home, always in front of my computer, searching, reading, watching...I look up sometimes and out of my window to see the world, everyone, going about their business and I wonder, what the fuck am I doing here? Why in the hell am I not out, breathing the air, doing things, going places and then it hits me...Lols, you're single! But then I say so fucking what, I'm single, being single is fun. I can go where I want, do what I want, whenever I want and I don't need to check in with anyone.

But who am I kidding, huh? I do want to check in with someone, I do want to go places with someone, I do want to do things with someone but whenever did it get so difficult to find that someone? I'll tell you when...

Today, I went out, I'm single, I can go where I want, whenever I want..bla, bla, I went to the local pizzeria, lovely spot, pizza to die for...It was such a beautiful day, windy but beautiful nonetheless.

The plan was to hangout on the patio, eat a nice pie and read an interesting book, "Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters". I ate up my pizza, the wind was coming on strong, so I put down my book, just as my phone rang.

I answered the call and it was my friend on the other end, we chatted, while talking to him, this older gentleman walked onto the patio and waved. When I concluded my call, he asked me where I was from, I asked him why, and he said because I sound like I'm from Africa. I told him, and he proceeded to chat me up, I invited him to join me because it looked ridiculous talking to him as he was three tables away. And while he went on and on about how great a companion he would be to me, and how gorgeous I am, all I could think of was, is this guy for real and how the hell do I attract people I'm not attracted too?

He was cool, he picked up my tab, he really didn't have to, it is, after-all, a recession. I kept looking at him while he yapped, trying to find something remotely attractive to me...while he talked, tears ran down his cheek from his left eye, maybe an overactive tear duct, who knows. Oh, and did I mention, he talked with his mouth full, and of course here's food flying out of his mouth every chance it got!

Oh, yes! That's when it got difficult to find that someone...There is a never-ending supply of Mr. Not-so-Attractive-to-me. Every time I go out, I meet someone but he is never that someone. So that's why, lately, I've been huddled up at home, always in front of my computer, searching, reading, watching...

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