Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Raven-Symone...I don't want to be labeled

Raven-Symone is an African-american/black woman who apparently is in a same-sex relationship and is happy.

Just last week, she appeared on an episode of "where are they now" on Oprah and proclaimed that she does not want to be labeled; she said she is not african-american and does not want to be labeled "gay".

Today, black America is in an uproar!

She has been accused of experiencing mental slavery; people have called her a moron and a whole lot of other derogatory remarks have been spewed upon her.

What I have found is that people in this country lack the mental patience or verbosity to communicate. Conversations are ever so literal and succinct; which makes it easy to dwell on the tiniest little slip.

Let's just take a hot minute to really think about what this young woman is trying to say.

Raven-Symone saying that she is not African-American, in my opinion, does not mean that she is denying her race. She qualified that by saying, she is American! She does not want to be boxed in. She doesn't know what her total racial makeup is and she really does not care or is not motivated to research it. What she does know is that she was born in America and is American and she is fine with that. I get that!

This country is inappropriately focused on the wrong things, (race, sexual orientation, etc)! I have a colleague who has been unemployed for over a year who keeps asking if white people are going through the same thing he is going through. Seeing as how caucasians are the majority in this country, I am fairly certain that there are a good bit of white people who are unemployed. However, when I ask him if he would take a job on an oil rig or construction, he immediately talks about how he can't work an outside job because he'll catch a cold and gets sick easily! I wonder, is he really trying to get out of his predicament or is he just mad and blaming white people for his predicament.

Now, I may be wrong in my thought process, and Raven-Symone may actually not want to identify with her African roots but who fucking cares! Well, according to this blogger's readers, there are young impressionable African Americans who are looking up to Raven-Symone as their role model. Ha!

When are people going to realize that entertainers are not role models! They are like court jesters of old, here to entertain and just that. People should not be looking to them for wisdom and knowledge, that is what you have your parent's for, your educators for! Entertainers play pastors on tv but in real life are child molesters and predators. These are not people one should emulate or aspire to be.

So Raven-Symone, do you! I understand your neutrality, I understand your choice of just wanting to be a happy, healthy human being. However, if one day you decide to do some digging into your history and you happen to find out that you are in fact African-American, you don't need to go back to Oprah for a televised declaration, we already know.

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