Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Banks Behaving Badly...

A few days ago, I came across an article about a young man, Ikenna Njoku of Auburn, Washington who was arrested and thrown in jail for trying to cash a Chase check.

He had formerly held a Chase account so when his rebate check was directly deposited into his closed Chase account, Chase deducted their overdraft fees, a whopping $600, then cut him a check containing the balance and mailed it to him.

When he received it, Ikenna Njoku took the Chase check to a Chase bank to cash it but when he got there, the teller scrutinized the check and questioned its validity. Ikenna Njoku explained that the money was proceeds from a first-time homebuyer rebate program on his tax returns. The teller took so long processing the check, Ikenna left, he stated that by the time he got back the bank was shut but when he contacted customer service he was asked to go back the next morning.

Poor Ikenna Njoku, returned to the bank the next morning only to be handcuffed and carted away to jail under suspicion of trying to cash a fraudulent check. When Chase realized they had made a mistake, all they did was call and leave a message for the detective handling the case.

Ikenna Njoku spent four days in jail, his vehicle impounded and ultimately auctioned off which led to him losing his job.

As I read the article, two things incensed me the most: 1) the attitude of the teller 2) the nonchalant and callous way that Chase handled their error by letting this poor boy stay in jail.

The teller had no right to treat Ikenna Njoku that way! There are so many ways she could have handled the transaction without embarrassing and harassing him.

As for Chase, when they realized it was their mistake, Ikenna Njoku should not have spent an extra minute in jail. This useless bank has not compensated him for the humiliation, loss of property and loss of job.

A few posts back, I talked about how useless the customer service was at Washington Mutual/WaMu, incidentally, Chase merged with this bank, SHOCKER!! Talk about like attracting like!! One bad bank merging with an equally bad bank makes an even bigger ginormously inefficient and incompetent bank!!

Can you tell I'm utterly disgusted!?!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weapons permit...

Yes, I shall soon be a card carrying member of the NRA...

I recently applied for my weapons permit, I had been toying around with the idea for a while now and then went ahead and did it. I was informed that it could take up to three months before I receive it, that's a serious background check, if you ask me...

I had to go to the court house to fill out an application and pay some fees, then off I went to the Police station to get my finger-prints taken...fun!!

So where is my buddy Fred, I need help deciding on what piece to get...

Online Dating...The Chef

So...as usual, I get caught up and life takes over...

Okay, The Chef. This guy runs a popular restaurant in the Roswell area, am I giving away too much? Hmm...It was exciting because he was the first hit I got, very cute, a little short but cute. It was too good to be true. He was very forthcoming with information. Immediately, asked me for my phone number, wanted to meet...I gave some excuse cause I wanted to do my little background checkwhich he checked out okay, you know, the usual google search, facebook, the works! He called again, and this time I agreed to meet with him at a little coffee shop.

The day of the meet-up, I was running a few minutes late, I called him to let him know and he almost sounded like he had forgotten ~ awkward moment#1. He then proceeded to tell me that he would meet me in about twenty minutes but didn't arrive until thirty minutes later, in his Chef's uniform no less ~ awkward moment#2.

He looked really cute in person and he was obviously smittenor should I say turned on because he did not take his eyes of me the whole evening and said he wished we had met at a better restaurant. We talked and talked and had a genuinely great evening, we decided to take the conversation to a close-by lounge. When we got there, he talked about how he knew that this relationship was going to be a good one and last ~ awkward moment#3.

After laughing and talking some more, I told him I had a lovely evening but needed to head back homeI rode with him to the lounge, I know, risky move but I have pretty decent instincts for gauging predators...we then drove to my car, while driving there he asked me to his house the next day for a movie night ~ earlier we had established we both love movies ~ and then the following weekend we would get all dressed up for a proper dinner date. I accepted, go figure!

When we got back to my car, he asked if he could kiss me, I obliged...it was a very hungry kiss and I immediately got extra suspicious about his true intentions.

Well, the next day rolled around, the day before the movie night, and he sent me a text message to postpone the date due to working late, I responded saying it was okay but we could just cancel altogether and just meet up on our official date night. He immediately calls me and begs not to cancel then he tells me that he is driving past my house and wonders if he could stop by...okay this was extra weird but strangely, I allowed ithe's cute, sue me! Well, he came over and this I was not expectingokay maybe I was, he grabs me and is all kissy kissy so I tell him to stop, he does and then I tell him, I'm in the middle of getting some work done and I'll see him on our movie night date.

On this new day of the date, he sends me another text message asking for a rain-check because he has to go bail a friend out from jail...RED FLAGS!!!

Here is the conversation thread:

The Chef: Hey I'm going to have to cancel tonight. Pls don't be upset.

The Chef: I have a friend who needs my help, he got arrested. I might have to bail him out

The Chef: I will call u later

Lols: That's fine.

The Chef: Thx for understanding

After adding up the entire short experience with this joker, I decide, I don't want to deal with this guys erratic behaviour so I send him this message..

Lols: Hi, please call me when you get a moment

The Chef: What's up are you ok?

Lols: I'm alright, I just wanted to talk to you about a few things.

The Chef: One of those conversation huh ;) well I will go ahead and just say let's end this now. I'm not interested in being in a serious relationship with you rt now.

The Chef: I'm sorry to say it like that but maybe its just better if we move on

The Chef: Sorry :(

Lols: No need to apologize, if that's how you truly feel.

The Chef: Your very sweet and beautiful, but I'm just not ready for you rt now. Good luck in ur search...

Lols: Good luck to you too...

Yes..it's going to be a fun experience this online dating...

The British Accent...

As I type this up, I'm cracking up at how absurd this is going to sound but it is oh so true. I'm a Nigerian-American (yes! that is an actual ethnic group these days) with a slight British accent. I say slight because I get told that I have a British accent often, even when I'm not conscious about it. It's weird because when I first meet a person, I make sure I speak in a manner that they can understand however it comes out sounding British; a lot of times the conversation transitions, that is when I first meet a person, I sound British but as time goes on, especially when we are comfortable, they get the full Nigerian treatment with slang, pidgin, exclamations the whole works. I have visited the UK several times but never lived there for longer than a few weeks...my parents schooled in England but they do not have British accents, so I'm not sure how it is that I speak with a British accent, oh wait, it must have been my English teacher in Secondary school, she loved me, because I was a little mini-her, I copied everything she did, from the way she walked to the way she talked, I miss you Mrs. B.

Okay, so here's where it get's absurd - People believe I am extremely smart because of the accent. What! Shocking!! No, I tell you the truth…but this is not to say I am not intelligent because I am but it is an automatic assertion the minute I speak. One day, my sister and in-laws were bantering about my different accents; my sister calls my British accent, business mode, my brother-in-law always kids, you've just got in, yeah, whenever I subconsciously drop in a sentence all British-like. I joked about how people straighten up whenever they hear me speak; they take notice, pay attention almost trance-like, not wanting to miss any nuggets of wisdom. However, if I were to respond with a strictly Nigerian accent, they would immediately switch off and the response would be, what you say, now? We had a good laugh but I decided I would perform a quick experiment to prove my theory.

One day, my sister and I were out and I decided I was hungry and wanted to get a quick snack, we pulled up to a restaurant and I ordered like a regular American, which was all good but when we got to the window, I had additional questions, then I said, yes, that is the one that I want but with every word pronounced fully, just like the British do but with a Nigerian spin…you know ~ dat is de wan dat I want ~ my sister says this was not a fair experiment because the guy was not expecting the transformation when he responded with huh, whatyasanow. But I say it was very fair because I repeated the same sentence but this time with a British accent and he got it and it almost looked like he responded with a bowing of his head and curtsy.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but I think that’s easier said than done. I believe the vast majority of people in the world trust perception over reality; you know, like all British are proper and smart, all Asians are intelligent and good at science, all Nigerians are crooks, all especially the latter being furthest from the truth. In today’s world nobody has the time to get to know anything or anybody, this is the “Now” generation so knowing that, one should always put their best face forward.

Anyway, I’m off to watch some telly and drink some tea with crumpets…cheerio!