Saturday, March 12, 2011

Online Dating....

So, as a woman of a certain age, still single with no kids, well, let's just say the options are limited. I don't really have the luxury of time, or so I thought, really don't want to spend months dating Mr. wrong. I guess you can call it picky but so what, I'd rather be picky than spend the rest of my life sorry! I keep telling myself.

Now, being picky comes with its pitfalls so I was advised to check out the online dating scene. It is quick and straight to the point, I was told. Hmm! I wondered, yes, that sounds like a great idea, I told myself.

I decided to sign up, and as much as I can, I will chronicle the many escapades because, OMG, it has been funny!

You see, when I started blogging, I did it as an outlet, to release pent up angst, amongst other things and so I have gone months and sometimes even skipped a whole year without writing maybe I haven't been angry enough...well, now, I have something to write about.

I signed up for online dating after a terrible break up with a terrible man. I had had enough...I figured, with online dating, preliminary questions would already be answered; everything laid out for one to pick and choose. I went into it, all serious like but by the third meet up, I realized that this exercise is more for comic relief than anything else. And I may be putting way too much pressure on myself. So, now, I'm just going to have fun! The characters I come across on the dating website have mused me back in to chronicling.

Let the laughter begin!!

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