Friday, July 31, 2009

The Terrell Owens Show

Okay, so I have always adored T.O., even with all the craziness that is always being said about him!

He is such a fine specimen of man :)

I love his show because, at least, so far, it is a great example of how the media can distort, contort, abort....the truth, perceptions, reality!!

Bad press vs. good press!

I'll keep watching!

Real Housewives of Atlanta

So I caught the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on youtube...I was so disgusted at the so called "Party Planner's" behaviour!! What a retard!!

He has managed to make Sheree a more likeable character, screaming and carrying on like that. He had the nerve to say that he was a Top Level Executive, **eye rolling**, What a fucking retard!!

He has sealed his fate, if he ever thought behaviour like that was acceptable in the business world, I feel sorry for him. He is so done!!

Speaking about feeling sorry...Kim looks like she is going to have it tough this season, cause it looks like the sisters are trying to come together on a united front. Of course, she went a little overboard with the cancer story when she didn't have cancer and I think that has caused some questioning of her integrity. Nonetheless, there is no point ganging up on her about stuff that they all said about one another, when half the time, they were pissed at each other.

Love Dwight!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Are those real Dolce and Gabana's

So this Big Bird Looking Gay guy, says to me, "are those Real Dolce and Gabana's, or knock-offs?"

He obviously does not read my blog!