Saturday, June 20, 2009

Glass Ceiling...

When I started this new position, right around the time I stopped blogging, oh, by the way, I started a radio blog, it got a little spooky so I'm on hiatus from that now, but I digress....

When I started this new position, I had such big hopes and expectations, I knew it was the right move for me because I was already volunteering my time for something similar and I was completely, still am, passionate about it. It was a growing company and they touted quick advancements and promotions from within. I accepted the position on a much lower pay than others because they said everyone started at the same amount. I did not argue because I knew that I would move up quickly since I was offered the position on the spot, the day of my interview..they saw my potential, silly me.

I have applied and applied and applied but never been offered a position. They ask me to write essays as to what makes a good manager. I write the essay, with my ideas and months later, they implement my ideas but no credit comes my way. So many sneaky things start happening, leaving my name off distribution lists etc. Strange behaviours!

It is so crazy because I enjoy the work that I do and the camaraderie with my colleagues but this is nuts! One of my co-workers, wondered out loud one day, "Lolita, you've been here a while now, you are smart, a lot of people come to you with questions, I don't see why you have not been made manager." Then another chimed in, "Lolita is very smart and that intimidates people in the position of power, they see her energy and feel she may be gunning for their spots."

See, that's bananas!!

This company has grown in leaps and bounds since I joined and positions have been created and created, enough to go around.

The funny thing is, I have spoken to a number of my friends and they echo the same sentiment...they may be threatened by your brilliant shine!!!

So, blogville what is your take on this?

Do you agree that the reasoning behind my apparent glass ceiling, if I can even call it that, is because these people are threatened by my beautiful mind?

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