Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So I sit next to this Big Bird-looking gay guy - Big Bird-looking, well, cause he is big and looks like Big Bird from sesame street, actually a cross between Big Bird and snuppleopowhatshisface; and gay because...well, you do the math!

My new manager works out of a different office so he makes trips to mine to check on his team. Every time he comes by, he starts out by saying "Hi, Big Bird-looking gay guy," and Big Bird-looking gay guy giddily chirps back, "hi." Ugh!

Now, my manager is this cool, calm dude, and I'm pretty good at picking up on who is gay and who isn't and I would never have pegged him for gay. I also never see him go out of his way to salute other people who are not on his team and Big Bird-looking gay guy isn't, so when he does that, and it is the way he does it, I start wondering, why does he do that? Could he be gay? Can't he see that Big Bird-looking gay guy is flamboyantly gay?

So get this, yesterday, Big Bird-looking gay guy, pops up from his nest and peeking into my cubicle says, oh and loudly too, because he is not only big, he is so freaking loud, "so your manager, oooh, he is sooo cute, I wonder what his story is, is he single, is he seeing anyone, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla......!"

So now I'm wondering if this confirms my suspicions because gay would know gay, right?

Also, the nerve of Big Bird-looking gay guy..we are not cool like that, this is not the girlfriend alliance and we are not about to start swapping stories of our male fantasies and shit!

I'll thank you to put a sock in it!

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