Friday, June 26, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So I sit next to this Big Bird-looking gay guy - Big Bird-looking, well, cause he is big and looks like Big Bird from sesame street, actually a cross between Big Bird and snuppleopowhatshisface; and gay because...well, you do the math!

My new manager works out of a different office so he makes trips to mine to check on his team. Every time he comes by, he starts out by saying "Hi, Big Bird-looking gay guy," and Big Bird-looking gay guy giddily chirps back, "hi." Ugh!

Now, my manager is this cool, calm dude, and I'm pretty good at picking up on who is gay and who isn't and I would never have pegged him for gay. I also never see him go out of his way to salute other people who are not on his team and Big Bird-looking gay guy isn't, so when he does that, and it is the way he does it, I start wondering, why does he do that? Could he be gay? Can't he see that Big Bird-looking gay guy is flamboyantly gay?

So get this, yesterday, Big Bird-looking gay guy, pops up from his nest and peeking into my cubicle says, oh and loudly too, because he is not only big, he is so freaking loud, "so your manager, oooh, he is sooo cute, I wonder what his story is, is he single, is he seeing anyone, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla......!"

So now I'm wondering if this confirms my suspicions because gay would know gay, right?

Also, the nerve of Big Bird-looking gay guy..we are not cool like that, this is not the girlfriend alliance and we are not about to start swapping stories of our male fantasies and shit!

I'll thank you to put a sock in it!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Who is a friend? What does that word mean? Nothing!

This is one word that needs to be stripped from the dictionary or better yet, if there is a downgrade meter, this word should be downgraded from the high value that has been unduly placed on it!

I keep getting into these weird situations with people I, at some point, considered friends and it is always quite revealing how hypocritical these people are.

This guy has been my friend for years now, in fact, he introduced me to my first love. They were or are, I don't know nor care, best friends. Now, so very many years later, I do not communicate with my first love anymore, come to think of it, OMG, it is all clearer now...I do not communicate with my first love because of this cad!!

This nini and I had stayed friends and about a year ago, he starts talking about an imaginary relationship that he and I, it all seemed like fun and games and I would just laugh it off. But this idiot would keep going. It became quite awkward conversing with him because he would make comments about me being his wife and the reason he broke up with his girlfriend, who happens to be a close friend too, was me..WHAT!!

So a few days ago, we were chatting on-line and he sends me a lewd photo. I had already told him that I did not want to see anything nasty or download any virus when he kept insisting on me accepting the file, so when I saw it's contents I hit the roof and told him I did not appreciate the junk. And so it began, he starts rendering numerous stories to me about me, from years and years back, like some stalker shit!

And I said, OMG!! That's craaazzzzyyy!! You go and talk to people about me? You fantasize about me, no wonder you keep asking me to turn on my web cam?

You know what, now that I think of it, I must have had one very long slow moment with this dude because it is all so much clearer now, the comments, his eagerness to do things, offering to buy things etc. I thought he was just joking, he was one of those court's jester type fellows!

I'm the sort of person who sets expectations about everything from jump. You know where you stand with me from day one, do not expect anything different. This guy was always going to be a guy who is just a friend, you know, like a girlfriend! I should have listened to my Mother, there is no such thing as a platonic relationship; someone always wants something the other doesn't!

A person becomes my friend, I accept them as they are and never question the dynamics of our relationship..why do I fucking do that???

Well, no more! I'm taking off my rose-tinted glasses, my blinders are off, I can see you coming from a mile away, get back Jack!

I mean, this joker got downright nasty, I am just happy there is a whole ocean between us because I don't know what he would have done if he was in my vicinity!!

What a fucking moron!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Glass Ceiling...

When I started this new position, right around the time I stopped blogging, oh, by the way, I started a radio blog, it got a little spooky so I'm on hiatus from that now, but I digress....

When I started this new position, I had such big hopes and expectations, I knew it was the right move for me because I was already volunteering my time for something similar and I was completely, still am, passionate about it. It was a growing company and they touted quick advancements and promotions from within. I accepted the position on a much lower pay than others because they said everyone started at the same amount. I did not argue because I knew that I would move up quickly since I was offered the position on the spot, the day of my interview..they saw my potential, silly me.

I have applied and applied and applied but never been offered a position. They ask me to write essays as to what makes a good manager. I write the essay, with my ideas and months later, they implement my ideas but no credit comes my way. So many sneaky things start happening, leaving my name off distribution lists etc. Strange behaviours!

It is so crazy because I enjoy the work that I do and the camaraderie with my colleagues but this is nuts! One of my co-workers, wondered out loud one day, "Lolita, you've been here a while now, you are smart, a lot of people come to you with questions, I don't see why you have not been made manager." Then another chimed in, "Lolita is very smart and that intimidates people in the position of power, they see her energy and feel she may be gunning for their spots."

See, that's bananas!!

This company has grown in leaps and bounds since I joined and positions have been created and created, enough to go around.

The funny thing is, I have spoken to a number of my friends and they echo the same sentiment...they may be threatened by your brilliant shine!!!

So, blogville what is your take on this?

Do you agree that the reasoning behind my apparent glass ceiling, if I can even call it that, is because these people are threatened by my beautiful mind?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Give me some HOPE and a side of CHANGE...

With the onset of an all out recession, a new President and a country with people experiencing the worst time of their lives, there is still HOPE.

I wonder if, for the past year, this word...Hope, has probably been the most used word. Last year, and the year before, the pinch of the economic crisis was just being felt, President Bush, bless his heart, tried what he could with the Hope for Homeowners program, which, according to some hilarious article I read, has a grand total of...wait for it..drum roll please... "1" loan being refinanced into that program.

President Obama introduced the Stability Act, which introduced the Making Home Affordable program and wooahh, did that blow everyone’s minds! The crazy thing about this is he took a program that was already in effect for Fannie and Freddie, added a few extra layers and presented it in a shiny new package with a pretty bow on top! Well, would you look at that!!

Now, the servicers, should have no excuses, right? Wrong!!!!

These charlatans put these homeowners through a ridiculous amount of stress on a program that is so simple to institute a baby could do it. The homeowners are also not entirely blameless, oh no, they too have come up with new ways to try to get "the Obama program" whether they are in a state of distress or not! Now a different colour of greed shows it's ugly head..everyone is tying up phone lines, clogging up fax lines without doing the research, educating themselves on the program and whether or not they are eligible to participate.

I will update more on moronic stories I deal with on the servicer front as well as the borrower side......

OMG!!!! She's baaaaaack!

Yes, Lolita is back, I have been away for so very long, what with the Advent of Facebook and a job!! Yes!! A job!!

Real Estate has been slow, you would have to be living under a rock if you are not aware of what is going on in this country! Noooo, I have not quit, I am still an Agent but I have taken up a profession that caters to the general public suffering from the epidemic. So I have not strayed too far from my passion, actually, I have not strayed at all!

Nonetheless, it is great to be back and hopefully I'll have some good stories to share about my day-to-day!

So if you missed me, come back, cause I missed you too...Cheers!