Wednesday, September 26, 2007



You think you know people and it turns out that you don't know them at all! I have this friend that I have known for aeons, someone I thought I knew and would never do anything to harm me but boy was I wrong.

This blog has been quite cathartic for me, in that, I come here to vent when irritated and/or pissed off.

About this friend, is there not an unspoken rule between friends that information shared should be held at the highest level of confidence, no matter how trivial?! I know about this rule but evidently my friend doesn't!

I shared something very personal with her and she betrayed me.

The content of the information is not life-threatening or earth-shattering but it is the principle, especially when I specifically told this woman not to share with anyone else.

How could she?

I have spent the past few nights wondering about my relationship with her and thinking if she means to hurt me or if she is just clueless; but I am leaning more towards a subconscious hatred, jealousy, envy...I could go on, that she may not even be aware of. With this recent happening, I have searched through my memory bank and recognized various many instances that she has inflicted damage and I never thought anything of it, oh! silly me! Well better late than never! I know now and it stops here!

Too bad, another one bites the dust! Lesson learned!