Sunday, July 29, 2007

I am.

It's a beautiful thing when a person knows and understands oneself to a point where one is happy about whom they are, who they have become.

A series of events happened last year and probably still happening that pushed me to the point of self-actualization...huh! Yep!!!

I know me and I am happy; I have a profound understanding about myself, I am peace, at peace, peaceful. It is amazing because a few years ago, I would not have been saying any of this.

The world is funny, people or things you thought were great become ordinary, mundane and people or things you thought were ordinary become…well....not so ordinary, mundane.

I think I had reached this point years back after reading a book by the Dalai Lama but I wouldn’t allow myself to be that person because I had too much, I thought, to deal with. I probably have more to deal with now but the difference is I know I can handle it but if it does not get handled…no shaking! It's like the Serenity Prayer, knowing it, understanding it but not ever needing to recite it because it is now inherent.

I don’t dwell!

I just am.LIG!



A lot of people are doing their personal audits nowadays. Glad to see that yours ended well and that you are comfortable and happy with who you are.

Haven't seen you in blogville in a while so came by to say hi!

Lolita said...

Hey Solo,
thanks! I've cruised through just haven't left messages; as you can tell from my blog not having too much to write about these days.

Have you done your personal audit?

Fred said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, L. I wondered where you were.
So glad to know you've self-actualized, whatever that means. ;-) Just kidding. I believe in the aphorism that the first job everyone has is to shake hands with themselves. Someone vaguely famous said that.

Lolita said...

Nwannem, I dey oh :)