Sunday, July 29, 2007

I am.

It's a beautiful thing when a person knows and understands oneself to a point where one is happy about whom they are, who they have become.

A series of events happened last year and probably still happening that pushed me to the point of self-actualization...huh! Yep!!!

I know me and I am happy; I have a profound understanding about myself, I am peace, at peace, peaceful. It is amazing because a few years ago, I would not have been saying any of this.

The world is funny, people or things you thought were great become ordinary, mundane and people or things you thought were ordinary become…well....not so ordinary, mundane.

I think I had reached this point years back after reading a book by the Dalai Lama but I wouldn’t allow myself to be that person because I had too much, I thought, to deal with. I probably have more to deal with now but the difference is I know I can handle it but if it does not get handled…no shaking! It's like the Serenity Prayer, knowing it, understanding it but not ever needing to recite it because it is now inherent.

I don’t dwell!

I just am.LIG!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Karmic injustice....

Okay, so three posts ago, I talked about my profound dislike for knock-offs!

I had a dear friend visiting from another country, I know she meant well but she so missed the plot on this one; she also forewarned me, she said, " I got you something.... I hope you like it....and if you don't... you better brush up on your acting skills before I come" oh, but she knows me so well, obviously not well enough to know that I detest freaking knock-offs.

She brought me the very knock-off I cannot stand, you know it, the LV monogram that everbody and their mama carries, first off I am not a huge fan of the original monogram and the fact that there are so many "replicas" -yes, that's what they are called now, makes it even worse for me.

Well, I tried to play it off but she knows....oh, yes....she knows!!!! I humoured her for a day, what one would do for a friend but only after I gave her a lesson in the value of buying originals.

This thing was copied down to the stitching and some extra detail was even added to fool the unsuspecting procurer, ohhhh!!!

I love my friend but you know how one says "thanks, you shouldn't have", she really shouldn't have.....


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth Of July

Happy Birthday to my Adopted Homeland....mwah!

To Have and To Hold.....

Jeremy has an excellent post about Ownership and the Cosmos….

I'm sure every one of us, had some fun thing we collected as kids, I know I did, I still do actually. As an adult, I collect coins, stuffed toys, pens, oddities like funny shaped bottles, perfume bottles, things that have catchy phrases written on them, the list goes on.

I also have a bit of the hoarder’s disease, I tend to hold on to things, I tell myself that one day I may need it and so I keep it. Then it becomes…wait for it…Clutter!!!

I keep everything, for various many reasons, sentimental attachment, to mark a milestone of accomplishment, ah yes, I remember when …you know the occasional reminiscing, and my least favourite, for shredding later i.e. bills and statementsI cannot stand the unnecessary unending barrage of statements, poor paper, I have begged them to stop sending me paper mail, puhleeeeeze, I can check my bills online.

However, back to the story, from time to time, I have moments of clarity; and during those moments, I shred, chuck or give away.

Last week, I started a discussion with a friend about how, if I was making a certain amount of money, which, to me, was just enough, I would be satisfied. She laughed and said I was not serious and that the minute I attained that amount, I would start itching for more because with more money my tastes would increase.

Crazy! This is the second person I believe I have had this conversation with and they sort of echoed the same sentiment. What sparked this discussion was the topic of Naij, the people in power and their need to amass obscene amounts of money and my thing was, how much is too much, ehn, when is enough, enough? At what level can one say they have reached their level of contentment?

I am single, I have a mortgage, utilities, other than those, no other major encumbrances, why wouldn’t I be satisfied? Taking into consideration, of course, the inflation factor, I calculated and figured an amount at which I would be comfortable but my friend thinks I am delirious to think that once achieved I would not want more. I don’t have a strong desire to acquire and acquire, there’s some depth to me. Yes, I like the occasional designer article, not because it is designer but because I like it, it looks good to me.

I remember this one day, I went out with this friend, the one I had the discussion with firstby the way, she is a self-proclaimed amasser; I had on some jeans that fit me, at least I thought it looked good, she said, come oh, Lols, how far, you need to update your jeans oh as in since I am not wearing Se7en for all mankind, true religion, rock and republic, gbogbo won, my Levi’s required updating, hehn!! It was almost as if she were to sound the horns and have me carted off to the town square and hanged for committing such an atrocity! Wahala!!!

The fact of the matter is that, at my age, I already have an established palate, when I see what I like, I save to purchase it with the current limited income I make, I’ll get it when I can afford it not when it is in fashion and that’s because I genuinely like it.

My dear, I am living for myself and not the world, people have a skewed perception of reality and truth, I am not saying my way is the best; I am, however, saying I know when to say it is enough!

E don do!