Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Expensive Knock-off....

As I watched the People's Court today, yes, I rather enjoy court TV shows, satisfying my inner Barrister, I guess; the case was about a stolen iPod.

The teenage boy had let his girlfriend borrow his 30G iPod when, according to her, it got stolen along with her own MP3 player in her $250 Louis Vuitton purse. Uh! What!

First of all, I absolutely cannot stand knock-offs! Aargh!

Now that I have that out of the way, ffffffffff, breathe, Lolita, breathe, I would like to know, on what planet $250 Louis Vuitton purses exist? Hehn? If one is going to pay money to try to fool people that they are wearing designers, why would one spend that much?

That $250 could have been spent wisely on a nice sensible non-knock-off purse for a rat teenager, and probably some cute shoes to go along with that.

For goodness sake!

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Naija Babe said...

i always say, faking it is just taking away satisfaction from self