Saturday, April 21, 2007


Do anything or nothing this weekend but definitely see Fracture!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!Excellent movie!!!!!

Sir Anthony Hopkins was deliciously evil, oh yes, he channelled his inner Hannibal, oh, I loved it. My boyfriend, Ryan Gosling was charming as usual, like he can help it! I did not know who I loved more Ryan, Sir Tony, Sir Tony, Ryan, oh heck I loved them both the same, they were just terrific!!!!!

OOOOoooooooooHhhhhhhhh, I love it!

Great, Great, Great, Great, Great film!!!!

They had some prime real estate in that movie, the floors in Sir Anthony's home were beautiful! I know rightshe's watching a movie and concentrating on the floorshee, hee, well, I pick up on everything, especially beautiful architecture and this movie did not disappoint. Go see it, I wouldn't kid you, trust me, I know movies :)

C'est tout!


~Mimi~ said...

I'm first!!!!!!! and my first time here!!

yea i saw this film and it was gorgeous!! thought the end was a bit draggy but still loved it!!! and ryan gosling.....hhhhhhhhmmmmm.. wat can i say!

and i agree with you, Sir Hopkins house was da bomb!

Lolita said...


Yes, you are first :) I'm happy you agree with me about Fracture.

Cheers for visiting.

Fred said...

Mumble! I wanted to see this one but I was forced to see something else ... mumble

Lolita said...

Run, run as fast as you can, go see it, it was sooooo good :)

BTW, what something else were you forced to see?