Monday, March 12, 2007

Now that I have your attention....

......I walked into one of those leave it alone topics but did not leave it alone.

Anyway, for BISI D, who is also Piranha's second Goat-wife I mentioned on another blog while on my blogtrotting excursion, aspiring for love has nothing remotely to do with an obsession for Sex. I think you are the one who is obsessed with sex if everything you read on my blog looked like sex to you! And while we are at it, just what am I supposed to be jealous of?

You obviously have a penchant for quick thoughtless retorts, if you did not notice that I said the bill was a little out there. A bill should be passed, may or may not be that one but one should be passed nonetheless!

Law makers, make the laws and if you do not like it, see what you can do to change it or get the hell out of dodge, stop freaking deafening me!!!

You have absolutely nothing for me to be jealous of, for so many reasons, the first and most glaringly logical one is that I do not know you! Secondly, from all indications, judging from your vehemently angry tone and the fact that you mentioned it in your ramble: you are suffering, so I definitely do not envy you one doggone bit! MUMU!!!

Wow! People just don't get it! My opinion has caused this person I know nothing about to rain all kinds of insults on me just because I have a difference of opinion. I spoke and now she HATES me but she does not know me.

You are fighting the wrong battle, my dear, you should be fighting for those basic necessities that people in Nigeria cannot afford, water, electricity, petrol, bring that to the forefront instead of waisting time on a person's CHOICE of lifestyle.

If you noticed the original article was from the New York Times, the USA where they have the luxury to worry about these kind of issues, you better concern yourself with why people are dying of seemingly curable diseases and malnutrition.

C'est tout!

See blog article here.

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