Friday, March 30, 2007

Dancing with the Stars...

I was going to make this a post about Heather Mills but then I decided I make it about my observations on the show.

I watch it online by the way, thank God for the Internet.

Okay, about Heather Mills, say what you want about her but that woman is a fighter and I love her for that!! Her first dance was erm, okay but that Mambo was spectacular, she will hang around for a while longer but I doubt she will take home the prize because this is America so an American will win this competition; case in point - Paulina PoriskovaI think that's how it's spelled, she is hella elegant, I don't think she was bad actually, definitely not any worse than Leeza Glibbons or Billy Ray Unserious, hee hee but she was the first to get kicked off!

I think Apollo and his Partner are cute as a button, just darling!

Clyde is such a cool cat, but what's with him and that microphone!

Laila Ali is absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!

Joey Fatone is very, very good, I mean, really, really!

Ian Searing is H-O-T!!!!!! Those eyes, that smile, that voice..... I'll tango with him a-n-y-t-i-m-e!!!

Okay, back to Heather, she is an amazing woman who has overcome a lot of adversity, I'm proud of you girl! Brava!!!

As an aside, seeing the dancing, the moves, the lean bodies is an incentive to join a dance class.

Hey, Fred, are you up to some salsa :)

Jimmy Kimmell is a funny ass fool!!!


Fred said...

Salsa, ke? No way O! I prefer the Egwu Ota.

Lolita said...

LOL! Biko, you're gonna have to teach me that one, abi do I need some atilogu lessons?

Fred said...

Chei, all these Ibo words are once again flooding into my mind! Atilogu... my mom used to accuse me of being a Okpowe masquerade that infected her womb as she passed by innocently.

Lolita said...