Thursday, March 01, 2007

Crazy much?

Being a real estate agent can be the most frustrating thing.

Why? Because human beings are nutters!!!!

The average individual out there has no respect for REA's. People do not understand the way Real Estate commerce works, they do not understand how REA's work and earn an income. They also don't care.

Of course, the average human being can purchase their own home without an agent, but would you handle a $100,000 lawsuit without an attorney? I don't think so!

Aside from not having any idea as to what a REA's job entails, they are absolutely clueless about what they need to have or where they need to be to purchase a home but it is always those ones who are the know-it-alls.

I also cannot stand liars. Don't come to me and ask me to find you a home when you have no intentions of buying a home, you waste my time, I find you the perfect place, turn in a contract and two days before closing you tell me, "I think I am going to have to pass." You bloody fool!!!

Wow!!! That felt good!



Omodudu said...

LOL, I am laughing so hard. Nobody knows the trouble..right. The Market is pretty interesting these days. Trying so hard not to use a negative adjective.

Lolita said...

My dear, it is craaaaazy, and it does not help when all the bloody naysayers out there keep preaching about the real estate bubble.

Fred said...


First of all, it's a house not a home. That gets under my skin like you wouldn't believe, when you realtors go on about "homes" :-)

Anyway, as it turns out, I'll be buying a house in a few months! First house and I have no idea what to look out for, etc. Tell me some realtor insider tricks, will ya?

Lolita said...

Freddie, okwa i biala!!!

I looked at the definition of Home and I saw House there;

Anyway, we use home because it sounds more intimate, babe, you should were a button that reads Leave your niceties at the door! I still love you though!

Hmm, tricks, first things first, get a Real Estate Agent, ha, bet you didn't see that one coming :)

Really though, you need one besides you are the buyer so you typically don't pay the commission, the seller does. The information that the Agent will provide aside from being invaluable could save you money than should you go it alone.

You need to make sure you are, ready, willing and able to purchase, so you don't end up being one of those crazies I mentioned earlier.

Make sure you have your finances together, credit, bank statements, tax records etc.

Understand that the neighbourhood dictates the value of your ~skin crawling moment~ HOME, not the ~skin crawling moment again~ HOME itself.

Always, get a home inspection, you should also have an appraisal done, independent of the one your lender presents.

Make sure you and your wife are a team, unanimous decisions are always better than singular decisions.

That should get you going for now, hey, keep me updated with your progress, wouldya :)

Fred said...

A house is not a home. As a Nigerian, you should know that now. Don't become one of those yeye American manglers of the language O!

Yes, I'm definitely in the market for a house. I'm tired of leasing and I want a place I can walk around in the yard naked and flip everyone off who drives by: It's mine, biatch! I also have bail money in savings.

You know, you are absolutely right about the neighborhood! The nightmare of my life is to buy a house next to a bunch of Olodos who make the next five years a living hell.

I will take your advice about the inspection and appraisal--I didn't know about the appraisal part, I was going to have a house inspection done for sure though. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it, and yes, I'll keep you updated.

Fred said...

By the way, is there anything one can check to see the general values of the houses in a particular neighborhood? You know, insider information about who'll be living near you, etc.?

Lolita said...

Absolutely, most counties publish property information e.g. taxes etc because it is considered a public record.

You can go to your County Government to find that information. Also, for sex offenders and like (I'm guessing that's what you meant about who'll be living near you, etc), each State has/should have dedicated websites that post pictures and info on any in your neighbourhood, all you need is an address and zip code.

There are also a number of websites out there that give an overall view of most neighbourhoods but a caveat; the information may not be completely accurate.

Typically, your Real Estate Agent can run a market analysis and/or comparative analysis which is a little like an appraisal but more concise. This should help you out a bit.

When you get a house, I certainly hope it becomes home for you my love, hey get one with an extra room for me when I come a'visiting :)


Lolita said...

You should wear a should wear a button, I hate that(hate is such a strong word)!!

I feel like I should be in front of the class at the blackboard with chalk in my hand writing repeatedly: You should wear a button, for that unfortunate grammatical faux pas, that wear… mess. Pardonnez-moi.

As you can tell, I am a bit of a word Nazi, mistakes like this irk me, speaking of irksome events, I was visiting a friend who is obsessed with American Idol and the gang was covering Diana Ross' songs from old. She was telling one of the contestants to Pronunciate; it hit me full on like an unexpected pungent, colourless gas. I thought I was hearing things when she repeated it over and over again.

Wow! TV! For Pete’s sake this was a taped meeting, couldn’t someone have flashed a card that read, the word is "Enunciate" then let editing do the rest!?!