Monday, March 12, 2007

Correct some misconceptions....

DO NOT assume you know me from a few comments I have left on other blogs.
DO NOT assume I never graduated from University because I am a Real Estate Agent.
AND DEFINITELY, DO NOT assume that I will die if I do not get married.

I mentioned earlier this year that I was thinking I am ready to settle down but marriage is a quandary sometimes I want to be married but most times, I look up to Heaven and I thank God for my single life. I would absolutely cherish a family if that's what the future holds for me but it will not be at the expense of my happiness. Please do not get it twisted.

This blog is not for your entertainment, it is a medium for me to sometimes relent and most times release. I welcome other views, yes but most especially this blog is for me, so if you think it is DRY, do yourself a favour and don't come back!

It is amazing how people want to burn you at the stake because you share a different view from them, thank goodness for the internet! Start your own blog to preach whatever propaganda you want, effect some change by starting your own movement, don't jump on someone else's bandwagon because the blog is comment enabled.

You bloody ninny!!


Omodudu said...

somebody sure made you mad.

Lolita said...

Well, more like irritated me. I'm over it :)

Fred said...

Don't mind them, L. I agree with you 98.576%! They are mindless idiots.

Lolita said...

Tell me about it!