Friday, March 16, 2007

Akpiri Ogologo...

As much as I detest reading or writing anything negative about Nigeria, I mean, there's enough being put out there by other Nigerians and foreigners, they don't need me to join the bandwagon; plus, I am of the persuasion that saying encouraging things to or about anyone can yield better and positive results than the reverse.

I came across this article on Yahoo! about Alami's trial and how he boldly boasts about his wealth and why he should not feel bad about having it and I can't help but feel pain for my people. When will these leaders understand that being the leader of a great nation does not warrant a means to amass wealth?

Granted life becomes a little cushier, a bigger house, bodyguards, private jet invitations to foreign countries etc but there is absolutely no reason that one should become a multi-millionaire while in office if one wasn’t before ascending the seat.

As president, governor etc, you are a public servant, you serve the people, you should eat, sleep and drink progress for the people. You should be selfless and tireless in providing the very best for your people.

It is so heart-wrenching to hear these stories and know that the culprit is not in the least bit remorseful.

So sad!

Well, the upside to the story is that a lot of work is being done to cleanse Nigeria of charlatans such as this, I hope!



Na wa oh! No shame, no remorse, no sense of regret. Well, that is the case of many Nigerians and particularly oour 'leaders'. We are still struggling to realize that our leaders are accountable to us and that they work on our behalf.

It is a good thing that we are 'calling out' some of these thieves. We should take eveerything from them and their families, if you ask me. But then it would get out of hand. Anyway, thanks for pointing out this crook. I totally missed this story.

Lolita said...

Really, Solo, this was the noise all through 2005, when he escaped from British Custody dressed as a woman! What a shame!