Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wow! It's 2007 already...

It's 3:20am and if you didn't know it, I am an insomniac! I wonder, if it really is insomnia how come I am never lethargic the next morning from lack of sleep. It's funny but I have this uncanny ability to be active and alert even though I have not slept a wink. This is very odd since I used to be a very deep sleeper, once upon a time, I could not be awoken even if the house was on fire.
I have been away from the blog, not sure if it was my disappointment from not having many visitors or just that I haven't had much to say. I know it can't be that I haven't had much to say because I always do. I have been up all night trawling the blogosphere and I must tell you, this world has a menagerie of talented writers, very witty, bright and with a never-ending pool of vocabulary. I have fallen in love with a number of blog authors and was tempted to ask some hands in marriage.
Is it just me, or do you sometimes fall for people because of their wit. I have always been attracted to intelligent, smart, witty people. I have found this to be a problem being single and being introduced to people sans seeing them in person.
You end up having the best conversations every time you talk and then on the day of the big reveal, you're just not attracted to the person. Why? He’s great to talk to, he has a lovely voice, why should it matter what he looks like? You know what, I don’t even think it has anything to do with his looks, that certain “je ne sais pas,” is missing, yes, I know….Chemistry!

Anyway, yes, it is 2007 and I just never thought I would ever get to a point where I was willing to admit that I am ready to get married and settle down. Life until now has been a constant struggle and I am really ready to let someone else do the struggling for me. It is an odd feeling when at certain times I want to be married and on other times I just wish I was wealthy with no attachments so I can travel the world and report on my findings.

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