Sunday, January 28, 2007

Who's your daddy....

I heard a very disturbing story last night:

A friend of mine had been married to this woman and somewhere along the way their marriage fizzled as the wife had an affair and consequently got pregnant then asked for a divorce claiming he was not the father of the “child”.

Later, she contacts him telling him that she has reported him to the government and he will be held to the tune of almost $15,000 for back child support payments.

Now, this woman had already been hitting him up for money after she came back and “confessed” that he was actually the father of the “child”. On account that he is making a hell of a lot more money now she felt it necessary to go to the government to enforce payments.

Stupidly, he starts making these payments, well I shouldn’t say that since he did retain lawyers to help him with this case and I am also shocked that the courts did not request proof before handing down the hammer.

Well…..I guess something must have fallen out of the sky and bumped him on the head, that or maybe the fact that this woman never insisted on him visiting the “child”, he decides he wants to see his “child”, might as well if he’s going to be having his wages garnished. Surprised he never saw this child, reason being that the woman moved away immediately after the divorce.

Takes one look at the kid and knows immediately that the “child” isn’t his; what’s funny is how put it,
there are certain features that are pronounced in my family that this “child” did not possess. Yeah right!!!


Anyway, five years later and over $10,000 in the loo, he orders a paternity test and lo and behold, he is not the “child’s” fazzer.

Which gets me thinking is it to the point that the hospitals need to start requesting a compulsory paternity test before writing down any name on the birth certificate?

And should this woman not spend some time in jail for unfairly imposing this time-wasting sentence on this man!

Just think, he could have met the wife of his dreams but lost her on the merit of being a non-child-support-paying-baby-momma-drama divorced cad!

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