Saturday, January 27, 2007

Movie Reviews...Oscar Nominees

Okay, my first installment of reviews and predictions for the Oscars. I shall only focus on these categories: Performance by Actor/Actress in Leading/Supporting Roles, Achievement in Directing and Best Motion Picture of the year.

I'll start with *Dreamgirls* - we your dreamgirls, is it just me or does everyone break into the song every time that movie is mentioned! Okay, I decided to see this movie because of Eddie Murphy's character and the third dreamgirl that nobody talks about, who by the way held her own beside the other two most talked about women in the movie. I was out on a date and we got to the theatre early, so instead of waiting for our movie(we went to see *Casino Royale* - see my Honourable mention article), we snuck into *Dreamgirls* as it was beginning, it was good but not enough to keep me from going to see the movie we originally planned to see.
Great dresses, loved the hair, make-up was to die for(self-proclaimed make-up artist freak, so I should know)! B was gorgeous as always but, no offense, she needs to leave the acting to the professionals. Especially the scene in which she is discussing a movie role with John Lithgow and the other guy, she could not deliver that dialogue, it was also obvious that she has never cussed in her beautiful existence. I love you B but you are not an actress! It is kind of strange because watching Beyonce in her music videos, I can see why a director would want to cast her in a movie, my advice, get Daddy to enrol you in some speech and acting classes! Nominated for PERFORMANCE BY ACTOR, ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE, Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson, there was talk about being snubbed or shut out but I think Oscar got this one right. I agree!

Next up, *The Last King of Scotland*, Funny! I watched *The Rise and Fall of Idi Amin* years ago, this was a different view because we are learning about Idi Amin's life through the eyes of this very wayward Doctor, who would sleep with anything that walks! Forrest Whitaker was excellent with a capital "E"! The accent(I loved the way he would say, "NI-KHO-LAS", every time he talked to the doctor), his mannerisms everything was spot on! I say this because I knew Idi Amin personally! I kid! Nominated for PERFORMANCE BY ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE, I agree, I predict he will win too!

We move on to *Blood Diamond*, I loved this movie! The dialogue was great! I would say this was a good year for Leonardo Di'Caprio in the theatres, he got very good roles and he executed them perfectly! He's performance in this movie gets him into my top eight of leading men, which brings me to another contender for my top eight Djimon Hounsou; this dude is excellent at playing the oppressed-but-not-suppressed bad ass. He held his own in this movie and it really is a toss up for who captivated me more, him or Leo but no need to fight boys, there's plenty of love for both of you:) Nominated for PERFORMANCE BY ACTOR IN A LEADING AND SUPPORTING ROLE, respectively! A loud resounding, I agree!

Doing good, next up is *The Pursuit Of Happyness*, a documentary on how to maximize your time, Salesmanship 101. I kid, I kid! It was good, had some high points. Was it just me or was Thandie Newton looking a little too anorexic-cum- crack-fiendish - oh my God! Where is this coming from but seriously, I've always thought of her as a beautiful woman she just looked a little too skinny, almost refugee-like, sorry, as I watched I almost flew over San Francisco to drop off a bag of rice for her! Jaden Christopher Syre Smith - in case you didn't know you better ask somebody- was kyuuuuttteee! Will Smith was quite charming, a few show-stealing scenes: When he was hit by the car, him chasing after his bone density scanners after losing them in some funny situations, the bathroom at the BART and the one that got me, his promotion, yes, I cried! Nominated for PERFORMANCE BY ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE Will Smith, I agree!

Now we see *The Devil Wears Prada*, the devil has bad taste! Listen, I love designers but Prada! This is one designer that I believe should be stripped of the name designer, okay too harsh but Miuccia Prada should be bent over a lap and spanked for some of the crap she puts out, I mean, come on! But I digress! The movie was nwamp nwamp - well, that is until Meryl Streep stepped in and saved the day! She was deliciously wicked in this movie! When I grow up, I wanna be just like her! I absolutely loved her performance but then again to expect anything less of her would be absurd. Nominated for PERFORMANCE BY ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE, totally, I agree, I predict she will win too!

To close up this installment, we see *The Departed*! Gritty, great dynamic cast, everyone held their own, surprised Alec Baldwin wasn't nominated 'cause he was one funny S.O.B in this movie. They were all great, Leo, Jackie, Matt, Markitty Markitty Mark, Alec, Vera, Kevin, Marty, Anthony and Bobby! Phew! My favorites of course, My Marky Mark, Leo and Matt(duplicitous-lying-snitch ass character, he was great)! Great movie! On your seat's edge throughout the movie, not predictable. Funny, as I type this I just realized the meaning behind the title - if you have not seen this movie yet, look away now - movie spoiler moment in 3,2,1 - the three main characters died, infact almost everyone in the movie ended up getting killed! Hence the Departed! Wow! I just got it - insert air applauses here! Great Movie, Great Cast! Nominated for PERFORMANCE BY ACTOR IN SUPPORTING ROLE, Mark Wahlberg; ACHIEVEMENT IN DIRECTING, Martin Scorsese and BEST MOTION PICTURE OF THE YEAR! I agree and agree and agree, I also predict Mark Wahlberg wins!

C'est tout, until I am willing to shell out another $9.50 at Regal Cinema(ah, rape much)! Tchuse!

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