Saturday, January 27, 2007

Movie Reviews....Honourable Mention

And the Award for Hard Bodies and Eye-M*****F******* Candy goes too...Oh! Look it's a tie!

Drum Roll please Casino Royale and Stomp the yard!

Casino Royale

I would like to thank Columbia Pictures for giving me that Kodak moment of Danny coming out of the water on the beach, not once but two times ~ cut to me salivating! Thank you to the cinematographers for shooting so closely and bringing me that wonderful view of Danny's....~commence clearing of throat~.... package! I'd also like to thank Danny's personal trainer for shaping him into that finely, chiseled sculpture of the specimen we call man and also the makers of the bikini he wore, need I say more! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Seriously, I am happy the producers understand that James Bond is not only for the guys, we ladies like action movies too and we deserve to see some eye-candy! My date tried to shield my eyes during those Halle Berryesque scenes, I was not having any of that!!!!I was very satisfied when for my viewing pleasure and just in case I missed it the first time, they showed it again! Thank you!

Stomp the yard
I want to thank the boys of Theta Nu Theta for standing on top of that mountain with their shirts off! Nuff said!
I enjoyed this movie, I like dance and this movie kept me very excited the moves were great, the story line we've seen so many times but still refreshing! I especially enjoyed the never-ending supply of beefcake! Yummy!!!

New Release:
Smokin Aces
Last Night, we had movie night! I knew what I wanted to see but it was a case of majority carrying the vote! There were a few new releases one I wanted to see was *Blood and Chocolate*, yes, I would have been very fulfilled had I seen this because my boyfriend Olivier Martinez(yes, we started dating right after Unfaithful) is in that movie, and another was *Smokin Aces*! Well, the majority decided on *Smokin Aces*, it wasn't too too painful because Jeremy Piven, who by the way was fantastic in this role and every other role he plays and an Ex top eight, Ray Liotta, when I say ex I don't mean we are through, I just mean, he hasn't been around much. Also, Ryan Reynolds(cutie pututie), Andy Garcia(Hottie) and Common, who was looking hella foooine in this movie, if I may say so myself, richly made up for the chump that is Ben Affleck being in this movie!

If you haven't seen this movie Look Away Now, movie spoiler moment in 3,2,1.... Ben Affleck's character was killed in this movie, to my greatest satisfaction!!!!! ROTFLMAO! That scene in which he was killed was the funniest thing I have watched on TV in a very long time, just priceless! Well, that and the Little boy on Ritalin and The Three Brothers Tremors, they were hilarious, oh and Jason Bateman's Character, yeah, he stole the show, his scene-stealing-self was crazy as hell, now that is one funny dude! Very good laugh, probably have to rent it and watch it on DVD to pause and rewind, there was a lot of dialogue and if you blinked you could miss some of the plot. Scenes/Dialogue to watch out for, Ray and Ryan in the Van beginning of the movie, Ben and the two other guys on the side of the road discussing strategy, on their way to Lake Tahoe getting gunned down by the tremors, loved it! Taraji and Alicia at the concierge in the hotel, Jeremy everywhere, Andy and Ryan at the end of the movie, The Tremors Brother and the guy with his four fingers shot off!

That does it for today! Laters!


Omodudu said...

I'd like to see stomp the yard. I saw V for vendatta this weekend. Hmm I did not get the story, I know it was about something deeper than I was aware of. Admitted was whack, Garfield was cool, but they overdid it. Talladega nights was very nice, I am sucker for any movies with the car/racig theme. ATL was pretty good too. Waist deep predictable but worth seeing. Yes its been a bluckburster weekend.Wheew..

Lolita said...

omodudu, I rather enjoyed V for Vendetta when I watched it, in fact I'll probably rent it again one of these days. Haven't seen Admitted or Garfield(definitely won't see that), Talladega Nights was hilarious, Will Farrell is a funny fool! Need to see ATL, shame on me for not seeing that already, don't think I'll see waist deep.

So I guess you love the movies too :)