Saturday, January 27, 2007

Movie Reviews...

Okay, I love the movies! I may not have mentioned yet how much I love the movies but I really really do. I have a few favourite leading men that I will most definitely go watch regardless of the movie storyline.

To name a few - Johnny Depp(love, love, love him),

Russell Crowe(we started a recent love affair, he hasn't let me down yet), Adrian Brody(awwooooohhhh - you know, wolf howling, as in, he's hot, you've gotta keep up now!),

Mark Wahlberg(Sexy beast, he's got a boat load of my panties with his cool talking self),

Edward Norton(I was hooked after Primal Fear), Terrence Howard(he is just too sexy for his own good, plus, this is one man I don't mind watching cry),

Don Cheadle(class act to die for) and Benecio Del Toro(we've been dating since Usual suspects) - there's more but these are my top Eight!

On the flipside, there are a few people that will cause me to make an about turn at the theatre knowing that they have a role in the movie; one such person is Ben Affleck! Yuck and Double Yuckity yuck! He gets on my nerves, these feelings I have are personal!
I think it started from that whole Bennifer scare! I LOVE J-Lo, adore her, I just wish she had never dated/nearly married this chump because I knew from the start that the whole think was a set up! Imagine the effrontery of this dude cheating on my Jenny from the block with Jennifer Garner, nice, it helps when the woman you're cheating with has the same name as your fiancée, no slip ups when doing the drrty! Crazy! I know! Oh, you mean me, hee hee! I have issues! LMAO!

I digress!

Okay, so, Movie Reviews, yes...During The Oscars, I like to go see the movies and the actors performances after the nominations have been announced, I know, right, like I'm one of the judges, ha, but seriously, it's fun! So I will give my two cents on a few I have seen lately, I'll punctuate each paragraph by saying I agree or disagree or agree to disagree *that just means I can be bought*!

I will also throw in a few honourable mentions not on the Academy Awards ticket, maybe because I enjoyed it or not! This may end up being a long one so I will break it up into a few parts.


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