Sunday, January 21, 2007


When I get a visitor who leaves a comment on my blog, I check to see if they have established blogs of their own and then I visit them if open to the public.

One of such recent visitors is a young 20 year old, established blogger – exschoolnerd – whose creative juices are at an elevated level right now.

Yesterday, after the meeting I had to attend and returning a few phone calls, I turned off the ringer on my phones and settled in front of my laptop to research this child. I must admit since I discovered that there is a sea of brilliant Nigerian prosers out there I have become an avid reader once again, who would have thunk it! Well, I guess it is my Nigerian pride and my need to see more positive views here, where on any given day, there is a never-ending supply of negative portrayals, one after another.
Anyway, back to Laide, for someone who has never travelled out of Nigeria, I don’t even believe she has ever been on a plane and does not even possess her own computer yet has a better knowledge of a lot more American TV shows than I do; she is completely Americanized. Now, I'm not saying that that's such a bad thing but more that it is amazing how one's life can be shaped and influenced by sitting in front of a television box.

Even though there is a tinge of ambiguity in her writing, you can also tell that she has lived a very troubled life by the sometimes grimy picture she paints of her childhood.

I gleaned from her diaries that she spends a lot of time in front of the tube, which is probably her escape from a lot of the issues she never faces or wants to confront, which makes me wonder if any of those experiences are factual or just some made up fantasy.

If factual, I must commend her a little about the way she has handle herself but I feel she needs to form a better relationship with her mum and tell her everything that she has been going through, I don’t mean overload her but gradually get a good vibe going with her mother, or Father.
On the flipside, if these things are made up, then, what an imagination!
Use that imagination towards some greater goal! I think she has had enough television to last her a life-time. Enough TV! Write a commentary for a newspaper or magazine, spend time putting together a script and send to the Nigerian television studios since she has complained about the lack of prime programming on Nigerian stations. Start working on that Pulitzer or was it Nobel Prize that she aspires to. Focus on school work because no matter what that Undergraduate University Degree is important.

Find some positive Nigerian influences! Forget about America for a while!

Overall, great job but I must say, this is the time to take advantage of that creativity, do not let anything deter you.


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Rayo said...

I absolutely love reading her blog, it keeps me entertained.