Friday, January 19, 2007

I love me some caped crusaders

Okay, how old am I, again?

Whatever! I admit! I am in love with the superheroes; give me Smallville, X-men, Spiderman and now that fantastic TV show called Heroes!

Yesterday’s episode of Smallville was wonderful! Oh! My goodness, I could not get enough! It featured the Justice League, Hot hot hot Green Arrow, fine-ass Aquaman, sleek talking absolutely charming Flash(they called him impulse) and too-cute-for-his-own good Cyborg! Oooh! I was foaming at the mouth, get a grip Lolita!

But seriously, it was just too good!


Bella Naija said...

Hey girl!
I think this is my first time on ur blog.
Looks Good!
I dont watch smallville but I luv superhero movies - xmen, superman, spiderman, fantastic four! the whole works..!

I'll check out smallville least i'll get to scope out some eyecandy!

I'll drop by ASAP

Lolita said...

bella Naija, eyecandy for real, drop by anytime, Cheers:)

exschoolnerd said...

am a huge xmen fan too.

Lolita said...

exschoolnerd, glad to see you visited, isn't X-Men the best :)

Anonymous said...

i'm a die hard smallville fan...4 real dat was just great!!!