Thursday, October 26, 2006

Maddie and David

So Madonna adopted an orphaned baby to give him a life better than most babies born and living with their own biological parents and the media wants to turn that into a bad thing! Shame, shame, shame!
On the news today, after her appearance on Oprah, the talk on the newspaper circuit was about her accent and her roots showing. Madonna happens to like wearing her hair that way, she has never tried to hide that she is not a natural blonde and that is so not a topic of discussion!!!
Again, I have to say that the media is slacking, days, weeks, months are spent on useless information. Do they understand the reasons behind Angie and Maddie's quest to impoverished countries in Africa? Do they understand the awareness that these philanthropic celebrities are trying to draw attention to?
My advice is that these magazines and newspapers and whomever else who likes to make a fuss, should focus on the much bigger picture, the poverty, famine, disease, rape and murder of these innocent people.
In Africa, there are several countries that are being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic among so many other diseases that can easily be avoided if they had the basic necessities of life. There is Darfur and the genocide (view picture inset) and unless "60 Minutes" does a special story, nobody knows what’s going on there!

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