Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The other day, my laptop went on the fritz and for the next few days until I got my new one, I went completely bonkers!

I was very emotionally attached to my old laptop, it was a gift from my ex but that was also the reason I needed to replace it, that and the fact that it is quite old - when I took it to get checked, cause I just wanted it fixed initially, the guys there were laughing at me, because it had an infrared port and they did not know what it was when I asked if newer laptops came with both infrared and blue tooth. Also, when I took it in, it would always work and when I bring it back home it would just conk back off, much like my past relationship, touché!

As I called everyone I knew trying to find out which laptop model was the best, I had heard good things about Dell but I was not too thrilled about the wait time, I needed my laptop like yesterday. I liked Toshibas, actually; I can't remember why that dropped off my list, hmmm!
Anyway, I knew I wanted a Mac book pro but with everything I wanted in my new Laptop, I was not quite sure I was ready for the cost and the time it would take to get acclimatized to the new apple environment, which is quite funny because my first experience with computers was with an apple, go figure!

It finally came down to the Sony Vaio, Hewlett-Packard and the cutest Compaq I have ever seen. The Compaq is latchless, that was a huge selling point for me, it was so sleek but it did not have an Intel processor and had a lot less hard drive space than the other two; the HP was 17' had a full keyboard, nice but an HP? I know HP and Compaq are now one but I am not so sure about the quality.

The winner was...ta tara ra....drum roll please...THE SONY VAIO!

The Vaio beat the other two for me because of the 802.11 a/b/g, the only one with all three, built-in camera, fastest 2 duo core processor but I was not too thrilled with the keyboard.
I could not sleep, I went online researching, I called everyone I knew who knew anything about computers and it turns out I made the right choice. Also, turns out that I am quite a geek...I stayed up all night transferring data from my old laptop to the new one with limited assistance, also set up my wireless station, boy am I cute!!!

I love my Sony Vaio!!! Tchuse!!!

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