Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Death Of A President...


Who comes up with this crap? Why in the world or should I say how in the world does someone make a movie about real individuals, living, and call it "fictional." Hello... is it just me or is this completely, outrageously and utterly appalling? Why is this even allowed to happen? Oh, I guess it is fictional since our President is still very much alive, ah, not!!! Stupid idiots!!!! If you want to portray a fictional movie of a murdered anybody, bloody well use fictional names!!!

Do the writers, producers etc of that crazy movie know that in some cultures when one is rumoured to be dead when in fact that person is still very much alive, that fate is immediately transferred to the perpetrators of said rumour!

Seriously, what is the difference between the writer of this movie and the next terrorist out there? Have these people taken a moment to imagine what it feels like watching their death planned on a movie for the whole world to see. I abhor people who do wicked things like this and I hope no one goes to see this very stupid, senseless movie!!!


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