Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why should words spoken cause a person to take another’s life?

John Mayer said it, we keep waiting on the world to change....LISTEN WORLD, if it isn't about Religion, it is about racism, if it isn't about racism it is about tribalism, if it isn't about tribalism it is about sexism, if it isn't about sexism it is about ageism and it goes on and on and on and it really NEEDS TO STOP!!!!

If we drill down to the most autonomous society, with everyone looking the same, having the same religion, there will still be some sort of disagreement or other. So, why make life more difficult. Why look for a reason to hate your neighbour? It really upsets me to think that in this beautiful world we live in, we cannot all find a way to co-exist, peacefully and without strife!

Why did all our ancestors who fought and died for that very cause even bother? Why?

It is time we take responsibility for our actions and stop waiting for other people to tell us how to act or react, especially when we are asked to do negative things.

It is time we learn how to just WALK AWAY!!! It is time we learn how to just TURN THE OTHER CHEEK. It is time we used our mouths and our voices for dialogue instead of using our fists for war!!!!

This world is big enough to house every one of us and then some, why don't we use the time we have on this earth to enjoy one another and raise our children to respect and love their neighbours.


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