Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why, Judge, why?

A few days ago, while I scanned my TV for a clear picture, I came across the Divorce Court with a new judge. This new judge, Judge Toler replaced Judge Ephriam, stories claim the TV show let her go because of her hair, okay WTF?

Anyway, as I watched the new set and the new Judge, Toler seemed spunky and able to fill the shoes of her predecessor so I kept watching. She was presiding over a case of a young couple, where the wife spends all her student loans on everything but her fees and loves to tan.

Judge Toler caught herself chastising the ditsy wife about her love for tanning. She told her that tanning is not very good for her skin because of the "Melatonin"….! She kept repeating this word and as I recoiled in abject disappointment because I know she meant "Melanin", I lost interest in anything else she had to say. I was going berserk as she constantly repeated that word and felt confident that she was imparting some knowledge on the self proclaimed "Paris Hilton of wherever she was from (like that's a good thing)".

I was wishing I could magically go back in time to the taping of that show and whisper in her ear, "The word is Melanin, woman, Melanin!"

I would like to know WHY the editors of that show could not cut that bit out.

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