Thursday, September 07, 2006

Reality TV vs Real TV...Big Brother...Amazing Race

Okay, Big Brother has been on for seven installments and I didn't start watching until BB6. Halfway through that season, I was flipping through my tv, and by the way, I am probably the only human on this earth who doesn't have cable, satelite, Tivo, whatever; my pictures show kind of fuzzy thanks to my not so effective aerial, but I digress, I noticed some very attractive looking individuals and I was, shamelessly hooked. I was particular taken in by pretty Janelle who is so very sweet, although to her detriment quite gullible but defies all blonde stereotypes (but then again she might not be a true blonde). I like her because she is a smart young woman with a very good heart, well, most of the time anyway.

This season the show was about BB All-stars and they brought back all the favourites, this is when I was introduced to a fellow named Will. Will and Janelle were similiar because they are both very gorgeous individuals but their game play was different, Janelle played with beauty but Will played as a beast. They each were enamored by one another, they are both easily the greatest players of the game but have now been evicted, Will by Janelle, Janelle by Will's boyfriend, who might just take home the half mil. I think I am losing my point somewhere, oh yes, I decided to blog this because I really enjoy watching Janelle but now that she has just been evicted I am not so keen on watching the show anymore. Why?

Why is it that with reality tv, and I don't know if anybody else feels this way, my favourite person is out of the game and suddenly I have lost all interest in the show? Whereas, on real tv shows with actors, it is not the actors that do it for me but the acting? Or is it the concept of the show?

I love Amazing Race, which is also a reality tv show, big fan of that show, infact I plan on auditioning for that show, I happen to like the concept because it encompasses my most enjoyable hobby in the world - Travel. For me, with that show, it has never been the characters, although, honestly, I have a stupendous crush on Phil Keoghan!

Anyway, I'm not really sure where I was going with this but poor Jannie...I was really rooting for you, I hope you atleast win the $25,000 jury consolation prize :) Cheers!!!

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