Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mind Boggling....

Last Saturday, I watched an episode of "The Outer Limits" the Sci-fi show that makes you think, it was kind of uncanny because it felt like they had somehow gotten into my head and made a version of some of my thoughts.

I tend to wonder about life and the way we live on this earth...You may say, "oh, she's a nutter," but I believe that the world, the earth, the universe is one big living organism and we as humans have been given a license to live on it. It is a cycle, we live off the earth and other micro-organisms live off us! If we can live like good guests and take care of our environment then it will in-turn be kind to us; likewise, our bodies, we need to take care not to invite unwanted visitors.

The show was about a team of astronauts who had discovered an opening to traverse time-space continuum but quickly realized that they had entered a zone in the universe where they were not welcome. One of the scientists on board noticed some round nuclei and likened it to the white blood cells in the human body, prepared to destroy their vessel like an unwanted parasite.

I decided to equate the earth's meteorological shifts to our bodily functions: Rain ~ Tears from our eyes, Thunder ~ coughing, Volcanoes erupting/earth quakes ~ Bowel movements, Hurricanes/tornadoes ~ makes sense! What if we are, ourselves, micro-organisms living in one big something?

In the medical world, it is commonly touted that the human body and its functions peaks slightly before age 30 and then begins to gradually decline thereafter. And so starts the downward spiral, therefore, if we are to equate our own existence to the universe it means that at some point, this world will come to an end but does it mean that somewhere else another world is being born?

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Quite interesting I must say.