Sunday, November 26, 2006

What is up with the Police???

Frankly, the recent killings of people, who may or may not be innocent, in a shoot first ask questions later kind of way by the police is quite appalling!!! I mean, this is America; everybody is innocent until proven guilty. These people are trained on the use of a firearm, they are trained to protect themselves and the innocent (who incidentally happens to be everyone they come in contact with) that is exactly why there are Lawyers and Judges and a fun group of people called the Jury.

This is police brutality suddenly these guys are trigger happy!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my boys in blue, I love anybody who puts their lives on the line, day in day out, to protect others but this isn't protection, this is intimidation and it needs to stop.

These are recent examples of such horrid events:;_ylu=X3oDMTBjdmNoOTVjBHBvcwMyBHNlYwNzcg--/SIG=134k9pggb/EXP=1164634955/**http%3a//

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I am not a Racist

Is it wrong to assume that if it looks like a rat and smells like a rat that it is a rat!!!

Say it isn't so Kramer...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cancer is a bloody Bitch....

11-09: R.I.P ED BRADLEY - the coolest reporter and overall great person I have ever seen.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Russell Crowe again

Have I told you lately that I love you???

Okay, seriously, is he not the greatest guy in the world?? I watched the 60 minutes interview last night and I knew at that moment why I care so much about this guy and his acting.

He is a highly principled person who speaks his mind and has an excellent work ethic. He should have won that Oscar for Cinderella Man.

I cannot wait for "A good Year" but in the mean time I will be visiting the video store to pick up, LA Confidential, The Insider, Master and Commander, A beautiful Mind and any other movie he is in that I may not have seen :)

Love you babe!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I apologize?

These days, people are not thinking before they talk!

Why say crap and then turn around and apologize for saying crap?

It is just like purposely picking up dog poop and hurling it straight at a person's mouth and after this person has swallowed that poop, you turn around and apologize. For what! The poop is already down the digestive tract!

For goodness sake, Kerry, Limbaugh, think before you talk!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

College degree worth extra $23,000/year


Drug addiction...

Rush Limbaugh, you should be ashamed of yourself and I am really irritated by the news saying he apologized after making those nonsensical statements, those lame sentences made after his perverse gesticulations, do not count as an apology in my book! Also, no need to apologize when you obviously meant what you said, you need to learn to exercise decorum and not spew out atrocious comments as you did!
Oh and yeah, you would know if someone was off their medication!

Maddie and David

So Madonna adopted an orphaned baby to give him a life better than most babies born and living with their own biological parents and the media wants to turn that into a bad thing! Shame, shame, shame!
On the news today, after her appearance on Oprah, the talk on the newspaper circuit was about her accent and her roots showing. Madonna happens to like wearing her hair that way, she has never tried to hide that she is not a natural blonde and that is so not a topic of discussion!!!
Again, I have to say that the media is slacking, days, weeks, months are spent on useless information. Do they understand the reasons behind Angie and Maddie's quest to impoverished countries in Africa? Do they understand the awareness that these philanthropic celebrities are trying to draw attention to?
My advice is that these magazines and newspapers and whomever else who likes to make a fuss, should focus on the much bigger picture, the poverty, famine, disease, rape and murder of these innocent people.
In Africa, there are several countries that are being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic among so many other diseases that can easily be avoided if they had the basic necessities of life. There is Darfur and the genocide (view picture inset) and unless "60 Minutes" does a special story, nobody knows what’s going on there!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Geico commercials....

Okay, I love those Geico commercials, at first, that gecko, oh that gecko, yeah, he was my favourite, well, kinda still is. But has anyone seen the one with the caveman; at first, we saw him and his brother at the restaurant getting an apology from the Geico guy and now, the cave dude at the airport, LOL!!! The soundtrack, the look on his face....classic :)
Kudos Geico!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The other day, my laptop went on the fritz and for the next few days until I got my new one, I went completely bonkers!

I was very emotionally attached to my old laptop, it was a gift from my ex but that was also the reason I needed to replace it, that and the fact that it is quite old - when I took it to get checked, cause I just wanted it fixed initially, the guys there were laughing at me, because it had an infrared port and they did not know what it was when I asked if newer laptops came with both infrared and blue tooth. Also, when I took it in, it would always work and when I bring it back home it would just conk back off, much like my past relationship, touché!

As I called everyone I knew trying to find out which laptop model was the best, I had heard good things about Dell but I was not too thrilled about the wait time, I needed my laptop like yesterday. I liked Toshibas, actually; I can't remember why that dropped off my list, hmmm!
Anyway, I knew I wanted a Mac book pro but with everything I wanted in my new Laptop, I was not quite sure I was ready for the cost and the time it would take to get acclimatized to the new apple environment, which is quite funny because my first experience with computers was with an apple, go figure!

It finally came down to the Sony Vaio, Hewlett-Packard and the cutest Compaq I have ever seen. The Compaq is latchless, that was a huge selling point for me, it was so sleek but it did not have an Intel processor and had a lot less hard drive space than the other two; the HP was 17' had a full keyboard, nice but an HP? I know HP and Compaq are now one but I am not so sure about the quality.

The winner was...ta tara ra....drum roll please...THE SONY VAIO!

The Vaio beat the other two for me because of the 802.11 a/b/g, the only one with all three, built-in camera, fastest 2 duo core processor but I was not too thrilled with the keyboard.
I could not sleep, I went online researching, I called everyone I knew who knew anything about computers and it turns out I made the right choice. Also, turns out that I am quite a geek...I stayed up all night transferring data from my old laptop to the new one with limited assistance, also set up my wireless station, boy am I cute!!!

I love my Sony Vaio!!! Tchuse!!!

Death Of A President...


Who comes up with this crap? Why in the world or should I say how in the world does someone make a movie about real individuals, living, and call it "fictional." Hello... is it just me or is this completely, outrageously and utterly appalling? Why is this even allowed to happen? Oh, I guess it is fictional since our President is still very much alive, ah, not!!! Stupid idiots!!!! If you want to portray a fictional movie of a murdered anybody, bloody well use fictional names!!!

Do the writers, producers etc of that crazy movie know that in some cultures when one is rumoured to be dead when in fact that person is still very much alive, that fate is immediately transferred to the perpetrators of said rumour!

Seriously, what is the difference between the writer of this movie and the next terrorist out there? Have these people taken a moment to imagine what it feels like watching their death planned on a movie for the whole world to see. I abhor people who do wicked things like this and I hope no one goes to see this very stupid, senseless movie!!!


Friday, September 29, 2006


Showtime or HBO is airing a new series of which the name escapes me but it is seemingly about a serial killer who is an FBI agent or some agent that specifically investigates or should I say, hunts down other serial killers....

Today a Congressman from Florida, Rep Mark Foley, 52, resigned his seat because he was caught sending sexually explicit email to a house page - teenage, High-school students who attend classes under congressional supervision and work as messengers. This guy sat as chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus, introducing legislature to protect children from exploitation by adults over the internet, I mean, what has this world become???

Who can one trust???

This a**hole once accused the Supreme Court of siding with pedophiles over children, when lo and behold, he is a pedophile his own damn self!!!

Follow this link to read the full editorial: Disgraceful

I mean, WTF!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why should words spoken cause a person to take another’s life?

John Mayer said it, we keep waiting on the world to change....LISTEN WORLD, if it isn't about Religion, it is about racism, if it isn't about racism it is about tribalism, if it isn't about tribalism it is about sexism, if it isn't about sexism it is about ageism and it goes on and on and on and it really NEEDS TO STOP!!!!

If we drill down to the most autonomous society, with everyone looking the same, having the same religion, there will still be some sort of disagreement or other. So, why make life more difficult. Why look for a reason to hate your neighbour? It really upsets me to think that in this beautiful world we live in, we cannot all find a way to co-exist, peacefully and without strife!

Why did all our ancestors who fought and died for that very cause even bother? Why?

It is time we take responsibility for our actions and stop waiting for other people to tell us how to act or react, especially when we are asked to do negative things.

It is time we learn how to just WALK AWAY!!! It is time we learn how to just TURN THE OTHER CHEEK. It is time we used our mouths and our voices for dialogue instead of using our fists for war!!!!

This world is big enough to house every one of us and then some, why don't we use the time we have on this earth to enjoy one another and raise our children to respect and love their neighbours.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wachovia vs Washington Mutual....

I believe the reason the US has a stronger economy than the rest of the world is because of our understanding of customer service. The belief that if the customer is kept happy there will, in turn, be a repeat visit and possibly spreading of good news.
So how come one bank understands this while that same premise is lost on another?

Every time I see the Wachovia commercials, their main focus is to express how they have been rated No. 1 in customer satisfaction; you better believe it because I am one of those extremely satisfied customers. Wachovia thrives on keeping their customers happy and will do what it takes to earn and sustain one's business.

Conversely, Washington Mutual sucks! Wamu has no concept of customer service and is only concerned with the money they can make from ridiculous fees. Yes, the company that prides itself on fee free banking is fee hungry!!!! What? How shocking, you say, how can this be, you ask?

I have accounts at both banks, the Wamu account was opened because they had branches in more cities than Wachovia did at the time and I was doing a lot of traveling.
Well, my account had a good bit of money in it and apparently was supposed to maintain a "daily balance", which, by the way, the nonchalant banker who opened the account failed to mention. No big deal, I read the highlights but I have two accounts and did not expect to be charged a fee, even though both accounts added up to more than the required balance.

Wamu charged me a service fee and when I contacted them to see if they would refund the fee they vehemently refused, even though I have had that account with them for over three years and have never dropped below that required balance; even though both my accounts are linked!

I was shocked because when I asked to speak to the manager the response was even ruder with less empathy! Oh, my goodness! I was livid! No matter, I moved the money into the account to maintain that balance as requested when lo and behold, I noticed another service fee.
The reasoning was because by the time I made the transfer it was already another cycle and did not make the daily balance threshold! What?

I was already miffed at the fact that the first time I requested a refund they had refused but it was not going to happen again, no, not this time with my balance correct.

Secondly, Washington Mutual has on several occasions released my personal information to individuals who are not included on my account; imagine that, yet the charge a service fee, humph, for poor service.

I spent most of the morning calling to get my $10 back! I was not asking for the other $20 but this $10, I was getting back. The first four employees I spoke to could care less, it was almost as if they had a recorded response in their brains and were programmed to play it back should a client call with a refund request. One manager was so ridiculous that I asked for her manager who she claimed does not speak to customers. When I asked her to transfer me to another manager she hung up. I kept calling until I finally reached one customer service team that placed the refund but the damage had been done.

I was utterly disgusted by their nonchalance because I know bank managers have a discretionary amount that they can refund to clients. It was just very irritating that this bank did not look beyond those minor accounts I have with them to see that there are several other products that I could potentially need. My accounts have always been in good standing so this should have been an easy fix. Also, the very first time I called about the fee, the first banker I spoke to should have not only refunded that fee but also used that opportunity to educate me on my balance requirements, my dynamic statement cycle and an option to convert the account to a different one should I not continue to maintain the required balance. None of that happened!

Wachovia would have immediately refunded that charge and also gone the extra mile to explain the account features and other account options.

Shame on you, WaMu!!!

Why, Judge, why?

A few days ago, while I scanned my TV for a clear picture, I came across the Divorce Court with a new judge. This new judge, Judge Toler replaced Judge Ephriam, stories claim the TV show let her go because of her hair, okay WTF?

Anyway, as I watched the new set and the new Judge, Toler seemed spunky and able to fill the shoes of her predecessor so I kept watching. She was presiding over a case of a young couple, where the wife spends all her student loans on everything but her fees and loves to tan.

Judge Toler caught herself chastising the ditsy wife about her love for tanning. She told her that tanning is not very good for her skin because of the "Melatonin"….! She kept repeating this word and as I recoiled in abject disappointment because I know she meant "Melanin", I lost interest in anything else she had to say. I was going berserk as she constantly repeated that word and felt confident that she was imparting some knowledge on the self proclaimed "Paris Hilton of wherever she was from (like that's a good thing)".

I was wishing I could magically go back in time to the taping of that show and whisper in her ear, "The word is Melanin, woman, Melanin!"

I would like to know WHY the editors of that show could not cut that bit out.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mind Boggling....

Last Saturday, I watched an episode of "The Outer Limits" the Sci-fi show that makes you think, it was kind of uncanny because it felt like they had somehow gotten into my head and made a version of some of my thoughts.

I tend to wonder about life and the way we live on this earth...You may say, "oh, she's a nutter," but I believe that the world, the earth, the universe is one big living organism and we as humans have been given a license to live on it. It is a cycle, we live off the earth and other micro-organisms live off us! If we can live like good guests and take care of our environment then it will in-turn be kind to us; likewise, our bodies, we need to take care not to invite unwanted visitors.

The show was about a team of astronauts who had discovered an opening to traverse time-space continuum but quickly realized that they had entered a zone in the universe where they were not welcome. One of the scientists on board noticed some round nuclei and likened it to the white blood cells in the human body, prepared to destroy their vessel like an unwanted parasite.

I decided to equate the earth's meteorological shifts to our bodily functions: Rain ~ Tears from our eyes, Thunder ~ coughing, Volcanoes erupting/earth quakes ~ Bowel movements, Hurricanes/tornadoes ~ makes sense! What if we are, ourselves, micro-organisms living in one big something?

In the medical world, it is commonly touted that the human body and its functions peaks slightly before age 30 and then begins to gradually decline thereafter. And so starts the downward spiral, therefore, if we are to equate our own existence to the universe it means that at some point, this world will come to an end but does it mean that somewhere else another world is being born?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Reality TV vs Real TV...Big Brother...Amazing Race

Okay, Big Brother has been on for seven installments and I didn't start watching until BB6. Halfway through that season, I was flipping through my tv, and by the way, I am probably the only human on this earth who doesn't have cable, satelite, Tivo, whatever; my pictures show kind of fuzzy thanks to my not so effective aerial, but I digress, I noticed some very attractive looking individuals and I was, shamelessly hooked. I was particular taken in by pretty Janelle who is so very sweet, although to her detriment quite gullible but defies all blonde stereotypes (but then again she might not be a true blonde). I like her because she is a smart young woman with a very good heart, well, most of the time anyway.

This season the show was about BB All-stars and they brought back all the favourites, this is when I was introduced to a fellow named Will. Will and Janelle were similiar because they are both very gorgeous individuals but their game play was different, Janelle played with beauty but Will played as a beast. They each were enamored by one another, they are both easily the greatest players of the game but have now been evicted, Will by Janelle, Janelle by Will's boyfriend, who might just take home the half mil. I think I am losing my point somewhere, oh yes, I decided to blog this because I really enjoy watching Janelle but now that she has just been evicted I am not so keen on watching the show anymore. Why?

Why is it that with reality tv, and I don't know if anybody else feels this way, my favourite person is out of the game and suddenly I have lost all interest in the show? Whereas, on real tv shows with actors, it is not the actors that do it for me but the acting? Or is it the concept of the show?

I love Amazing Race, which is also a reality tv show, big fan of that show, infact I plan on auditioning for that show, I happen to like the concept because it encompasses my most enjoyable hobby in the world - Travel. For me, with that show, it has never been the characters, although, honestly, I have a stupendous crush on Phil Keoghan!

Anyway, I'm not really sure where I was going with this but poor Jannie...I was really rooting for you, I hope you atleast win the $25,000 jury consolation prize :) Cheers!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Survivor" and it's colourful twist...

Is it just me or could CBS have accomplished the same goal without dividing the tribes into races?
Jeff Probst said "The idea for this actually came from the criticism that Survivor was not ethnically diverse enough, because for whatever reason, we always have a low number of minority applicants apply for the show." Yeah, right!

I think the show could have accomplished being ethnically diverse without calling attention to it. It is as if CBS is saying, "hey, look, you see, we have African-Americans, and over there, we have the Asians ....".

Why don't they honestly state the real reason, which is that "Survivor" is probably not doing that well in the ratings and they have to drum up some buzz to get people to watch? For goodness sake, we are talking about t.v here, it's always about ratings, anything to attract more viewers.

I'll give them this though, publicity, equality, social experiment, call it what you want, it was a smart move, I'll watch!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Russell Crowe...

Who is he?

Only one of the greatest actors of all time, if not the greatest! Yes, I said it! This weekend was a weekend of coincidences; maybe I'll get into why in a later blog but let me get back to Mr. Crowe.
I rented "Cinderella Man" this weekend, you see, I have always wanted to see this movie since I saw the previews but I never went to see it and I wont say why; pugilism(Oh, and I learned a new word, Pugilism). So this weekend, I picked it up and took it all the way to the counter and brought it home.

Russell made me fall in love, not only with the character he portrayed but also with him. He carried that movie, I'm not taking anything away from Paul Giamatti, Renee Zellweger or even Craig Bierko, but he made you understand what a real man would do to protect his family.
He was honest and he kept his promises. What more can you ask for in a man? I cried, I laughed, and I talked to my TV. The whole movie was excellent, the great thing about dvds is the bonus material. I watched the deleted scenes and even those should have been left in the movie. I don't know what happened at the box office after the fiasco with the phone...
So this is my appeal to Ron Howard, Penny Marshall and Brian Grazer, re-release this movie in the theatres because people need to see how good men live their lives. He was down on his luck but did not turn to crime, when he was up and successful , he never cheated on his wife...he kept his promises!

I know what you are saying, "That's Hollywood." Well, I believe that if Russell could make me believe he was that sweet, caring man, he must have some of those traits to be able to pull it off so well. Also, if Jim Braddock was really everything that Russell portrayed, then, thank God for men like him.

The movie was inspiring and Russell was superb!

C'est tout!

Thursday, August 17, 2006